Nissrine Bedda

Founder of Rue Maghreb

Salam everyone! I'm Nissrine, founder of Rue Maghreb. I started this brand back in 2018 because I wanted to find a way to express my ethnic identity. I have also been very proud of my roots, and have always found some sort of way to inform others about both my Moroccan and Mexican heritage. I saw a lot of brands starting to launch that were all catered to Middle Eastern culture, but never saw a brand that focused on Maghreb culture. This brand is not only for me, but for all us North Africans to feel that we have a voice and can express and inform others about where we come from! 

shanet roman

Art director 

Hello, my name is Shanet Roman I’m an inspiring artist from Chicago with a Puerto Rican ethnic background. Ever since I was little I was connected to art in many ways, which led me into art directing as a potential career. As a young artist, I want to be able to share expression and emotion through my work. With this, I was able to start my own art portfolio @romanartt which is my art based platform to share my photography and artwork.

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